BELGIUM BUILDING CLEANING, founded in 2013, is a well established force in the Belgian glass cleaning and washing sector thanks to our responsiveness, availability and flexibility.

As your partner, we offer unique solutions for your cleaning and hygiene problems. BELGIUM BUILDING CLEANING offers you a wide range of services to meet all your needs.

Based on these different services, we offer a personalised and flexible solution over time.

As specialists in window cleaning and washing, we only do what we are good at. We are specialist cleaners and window washers and we are very proud of that.

So no, we won’t fix that leaky tap or build a wall. But if you wish, we will be happy to refer you to someone in our network of professionals, who can provide you with years of service in their field. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Our staff and rolling stock are at your service.

We invest in our employees’ training so that they can do an excellent job with knowledge and safety. This means we also value their equipment and materials. We have aerial platforms (3 trucks and 1 spider) with a vertical reach of 51 metres, 30 metres, 20 metres and 19 metres and a horizontal reach of 35 metres.

This means that we do not need to call in third parties and we can rest assured that our equipment is properly maintained.

Our trucks

Spider lift

vertical reach: 19 m
horizontal reach 6.40 m

Aerial platform

vertical reach: 20 m
horizontal reach: 11 m

Aerial platform

vertical reach: 30 m
horizontal reach: 16 m

Aerial platform

vertical reach: 51 m
horizontal reach: 35 m