Clean windows and a clean facade, customers already get a first impression of your shop or company before they enter the door: on the pavement, in the car park or when they pass your business. In addition, it also promotes the life span of the buildings.

The contemporary architecture of buildings does not always make maintenance easy, but our specialised teams have the expertise and tools necessary to perform the most difficult tasks.

We also give you personalised advice for your windows, window frames, to keep the edges and facades in good condition. When we clean windows, we not only remove visible dirt, but also invisible dirt.

Did you know that the location of your building (along a motorway, by the sea, in an industrial environment, in the city, etc.) determines the amount and type of dirt that ends up on the facades and windows?

And the climate also affects your building.

If you maintain your facades and windows properly and regularly, you can postpone repairs for longer and avoid unforeseen circumstances, repair costs and make a better impression.

Traditional window cleaning without scratches

Window cleaning has always been one of the core activities of Belgium Building Cleaning.

Whenever possible, we wash windows in the traditional way, i.e. with a squeegee, a wiper and a microfibre. This method offers the best result because it allows us to clean every corner of the windows and frames.

We only use osmosis water if requested by the customer. This is the best way to work at height.

Traditional washing is still the fastest and most effective solution because we do not need to treat the glass with harmful substances to achieve a high quality result.

We also always take care of window frames and all corners and edges.

Our lifting equipment is equipped with rubber protections so that the facades cannot be damaged.